Rabbit Management Field Day

Sunday 18 October 2013

A very informative and well attended field day was held at Felicity and Peter Spear’s property at Batesford in mid October 2014 to discuss ways in which to control the increasing rabbit population.

Landowners have a legal responsibility to manage this problem on their own properties. All methods of control were discussed – poisoning, harbour removal, ripping of warrens, fumigating and suitable rabbit proof fencing. Most signed up for free property assessments and the rabbit poisoning program in February 2015.

Rabbits know no borders and no landowner is immune from this problem.

The DRFF Sanctuary and the farming community conduct annual rabbit control programs and these need to be supported by local smaller landholders doing their bit as well.


Jacinta Langton from Borongarook Weed and Pest Control speaking to visitors about pindone poisoning.


John Oliff from Banks Environment and Farm Services about to give a warren smoking and fumigating demonstration.

Rabbit Management Field Day